Our Vision

From 2010-2011, our church underwent a Vision process. We searched into our history to discover our identity, and looked into the future to see where God was calling us to move. The resulting Vision was approved at the beginning of 2012 and contains a Mission Statement and Three Goals.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to grow in loving God and in loving our neighbor.

(following Matthew 22:37-40)

Three Year Goals

  1. Blessing Others – Each year, we will attempt to determine how many people we have blessed and use that number as the main measuring stick for our congregation (rather than attendance or new membership).
  2. Spiritual Growth – We will offer the best opportunities we can to meet the spiritual needs of our members to encourage their spiritual growth.
  3. Families and Children – Given our gifts, we will provide ministry that is compelling to families and children. We will consider their spiritual needs as we make decisions in the life of the church. And, following Matthew 18, we will provide an environment where we can learn from children. Learn more about Children @ ATCC.